Adam Sinda: Design

Baby Lyon

Designed at: CP+B

Service: Logo Design

Crafting A timeless mark

Designed at CP+B with the art direction of designer and artist Dave Swartz.

Deliverables: Logo Design

Designed @CP+B

Baby Lyon logo design.

"Lyon is a related term of lion"

Form Sketches

I went through an exploration of multiple forms and positions to find the final figure for Baby Lyon. After multiple sketches I started studying the shadows of the film reel and the lion.  

logo explorations

Baby Lyon's logo was designed to be modern and timeless as movies themselves. This symbol was created to inspire, pay respects to the rich history of film, and connect new audiences.

Mood Board

Inspiration for Baby Lyon's form was inspired by Michael Schwab's classical hand drawn approach combined with a more modern design approach.