Adam Sinda — Digital Designer
Simple, Modern, and Beautiful Design

My Home App

Dream homes made easy.

About — Dream homes made easy. When you’re shopping for a new manufactured home, the sheer amount of features, options and floor plans can, well, floor you. My Clayton Built Home™ helps you explore your options, organize them for easy comparison, and decide on the right home for you.

My Role — UX / UI Design | Visual Design | Motion Design

Technology Direction  Scott Prindle

Development — Dave Moore, Nick Jones

Agency — Made




The My Home App was optimized for global card interactions and animations. "Motion is meaningful and appropriate, serving to focus attention and maintain continuity" - Material Design.

Sections of The My Home App



All icons are consistent in style. Visuals cohesiveness was achieved by uniting stroke lengths, rounding corners, and enclosing within a circle.

Color Palette

Color Palette

The gray spectrum is predominantly used for typography and backgrounds. The complementary colors are used for highlighting sections of app.

Artboard Copy 2.png